Project Overview

I. Masuda City Overview
Masuda City is located at the western end of Shimane Prefecture. It is a city with a population of about 44,400 and an area of 733.19 km2.
There is Iwami Airport in the city, and it is a transportation hub connecting the San’in region and the Sanyo region.

II. Main issues to be addressed by cities and goals of smart city projects
Decrepit social infrastructure.
Support for the elderly will increase.
Increasing government costs
Realize smart city services using hybrid IoT networks adapted to areas in mountainous areas.
Labor saving and efficiency improvement of infrastructure maintenance and monitoring costs
Improve QoL through watching services, etc.
Efficiency improvement by smart city service

III. The selling point of the project
MCSCC smart cities are projects led by the private sector. This smart city project has the feature of being “problem-solving type”. Most of the existing smart city projects are targeted at cities and are technology-oriented efforts.
The smart city project in MCSCC is Rural support. Rural support can identify challenges in the community.
It implements “selecting the optimal technology” and “a shared system for intercity cooperation information” in order to solve the problems of the local community that requires Laurel support. This is MCSCC’s basic policy.
MCSCC is participating in the project in Bali EV Special Zone, Indonesia, utilizing the “Project Feasibility Study Project for Overseas Expansion of High Quality Infrastructure” commissioned by the Japanese government.
The smart city project development by MCSCC is an application of the semiconductor development method and has a high affinity with cyberspace.